Chamber International saves cameraman £3000

4 September 2015

Cameraman Matthew Tullett from Knaresborough, North Yorks, completed the three-week assignment in Yamaguchi after being commissioned by The Scout Association, London.

Matthew Tullett, who was part of an the UK video team, was able to complete the assignment cost effectively and send back footage to a wide range of British media, after receiving help from Bradford-based Chamber International with complex temporary export arrangements.

Matt Tullett, who previously worked for The Guardian Group in Manchester and Sky News, also used the trip to film the Hiroshima 70th anniversary memorial ceremony for BBC News Night.

Chamber International created a special export permit called a Carnet for Matthew Tullet who took 57 different items, including cameras, lights, broadcast TV cameras, 35mm digital cine cameras and lightweight ‘run-and-gun’ cameras, worth a total of more than £28,000.

“Chamber International was fantastic. I explained my requirements and they took care of everything. Having a Carnet means I avoided paying £3000 for an import bond when I arrived in Japan and also the hassle of finding a Japanese agent who could claim the money back when the goods returned to the UK.”

Chamber International, which assists also assists Chambers of Commerce with a wide range of specialist international trade services, is the only official issuing body for ATA Carnets in Yorkshire and Humberside.


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Chamber International - Matthew Tullett


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