How to export to China

No-one can afford to ignore China


China is home to one fifth of the global population and has the second highest GDP in the world.

Its economy, society and legislative systems are vastly different to those of the UK and are changing at breath-taking speed.  Consider these examples:

  • Exports to China from the UK have more than doubled since 2010

  • China's online purchases surpassed the USA in 2013 and are projected to exceed the USA + EU combined by 2018
  • No patent law at all prior to 1984 but now filing more patent, trademark and design applications than any other nation

The opportunities are within your reach


More and more goods, services, investment, students, tourists, and skilled labour are flowing between China and the UK, presenting UK business with unprecedented opportunities and challenges

  • Are you ready to engage successfully with China?
  • Do you know what adjustments to make to your products and marketing?
  • How can you communicate effectively and build long-term partnerships across two very different cultures?

Start planning and we’ll help you every step of the way


Our expertise in working with China can help you get started. We like to think it’s more than just knowledge. We really care.

Here are just some of the areas we can help you with. Click here to email our China specialists to find out more:

  • China-specific market research and assessment capabilities

  • Customs requirements and documentation support

  • Strong understanding of China – including its regional, social and ethnic diversities

  • Support when preparing business trips to China or hosting incoming delegations

  • In-depth training regarding Chinese worldview, values and culture for business

  • Mentoring to build long-term trust relationships with Chinese partners

  • Translation and interpretation services


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"I really like what you have on Chamber International's website about China. 

 It is not so easy to find concise and clear information illustrating the reality that western companies face when they approach China."

Alvaro Alamillo, Head of International Partnerships, Santander, London