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Modern businesses are built on world-changing ideas. They become successful because of special knowledge and expertise.

World-wide, many economies are changing. A lot more value now comes from intangible assets, rather than just the physical things that a business owns or produces.

Intellectual property (IP), is the name for these special ideas, knowledge and expertise. IP powers businesses in knowledge economies.

Today, businesses that value IP are very successful.  Those that don't value it often hit big problems, especially when they are looking to grow.

Avoid big problems


It is important for businesses to create, grow and protect their intellectual property. The earlier a business can do this the better, and the less likely they are to face big IP problems.

This is because it is better to “attack” rather than “defend”.

Another time where it is important to have your IP in order is when you enter a new market.

There are three IP-related problems that your businesses face, especially when entering a new market.


  1. Making sure your IP is strong in the new market, as many rights are jurisdictional 
  1. Securing how international partners can use your IP (and not run away or misuse it) through the design of good contracts 
  1. Knowing how to use IP to control business interests in a market

To do all these things well (and more), you need a local expert who also understands and can achieve your goals.

Get the right help


Chamber International partner, Virtuoso Legal, is a focused IP-specialist law firm.

Because they only deal with IP, they achieve incredible results for their clients.

With the Virtuoso Legal team you get experts who: 

  • Have a commercial focus 
  • Are proactive in securing your best commercial outcomes 
  • Are honest with you about the best ways forward 
  • Are transparent in how they work and regarding their charges 
  • Make the process effortless, leaving you to do what you do best 

They handle trade marks, designs, patents and copyright, as well as international agreements, licensing, commercial agreements and more.

They would be happy to help your company find success in the UK and nationwide.


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