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In response to the present situation with COVID-19, and general restrictions on travel and meetings, we’ve been developing new training delivery solutions to keep your businesses moving.

This could be the opportunity that you and your team need, to focus on staff development for the future, by deepening export know-how, finding the right answers to niggling questions, and learning best practice.

Rest assured, our online courses and seminars are still taught live by our experienced, certified instructors, and are fully interactive (not “one-way” webinars).  And, because the cost of hosting them is lessened, we are passing the savings on to you. 

Rated “extremely satisfied” for interest, engagement, and practicality by attendees 

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See our full programme of live, interactive online training below:

Forthcoming Online Programme




31 January 2023

Shipping to and from Egypt: What you need to know

2 February 2023

Understanding Exporting & Incoterms

15 February 2023

HS Code Classification & The UK Global Tariff  Workshop

21 February 2023

Methods of Payment & Letters of Credit

28 February 2023

Customs Declarations Seminar

2 March 2023

Export Documentation & Import Procedures

3 March 2023

Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air, Road, & Sea

6 March 2023

Customs Special Procedures

7 March 2023

Understanding Exporting

15 March 2023

Brexit: It’s Not Over Yet - Workshop 1 - Rules of Origin, Trade Agreements and Commodity Codes

15 March 2023

Brexit: It’s Not Over Yet - Workshop 2 - VAT after Brexit

16 March 2023

Brexit: It’s Not Over Yet - Workshop 3 - Customs audits, what to expect

23 March 2023

Export Documentation

30 March 2023

Importing from the EU: What you need to know

6 April 2023

Shipping to and from Northern Ireland: What you need to know

11 April 2023

How to Handle Your Export Orders

27 April 2023

Customs Diagnostic Clinic

3 May 2023

German Packaging Regulations

25 May 2023

Shipping to and from Turkey: What you need to know

1 June 2023

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