The John Speak Trust

To help students improve their language skills and support the export trade of UK goods and services

The trust has been going since 1924 when John Speak, a leading figure in the textile industry, anonymously donated funds to Bradford Chamber to provide scholarship abroad for students.  Since then, the trust has funded many scholarships with students based in places like Argentina, Spain, Italy, Japan, China and France, benefiting from an average award of £1,870 each. Scholarships last between three and 12 months.

Application criteria

To apply for an award from the trust students must:

  • Be natural born British citizens
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a basic knowledge of the language to be studied (at least GCSE or equivalent)
  • Study at a recognised college or university or obtain suitable voluntary employment
  • Reside in accommodation while abroad within the local community rather than with English speakers
  • Send a monthly report (at least 350 words) to Bradford Chamber


Awards are made following interviews with the Trust Committee. They are paid monthly and usually cover living expenses and some travel.

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