Quick guide to our services

At Chamber International everything we do is about making life easier for exporters and importers. Working closely alongside Chambers of Commerce around the country we’re in the business of trade facilitation.

For new and occasional exporters we can provide close support throughout the whole life-cycle of an order from first inquiry to final delivery. For both novice or seasoned exporters we offer all the necessary paperwork – as well as comprehensive online services.

In fact we hold the premier position in the British Chambers Network for online export certification, playing a key role in the early development of the service.

We’ve got an impressive track-record in providing high quality training. We’re an accredited member of the Chamber Skills Network delivering hundreds of courses each year. And if you’re too busy to visit us, we’ll deliver training at your workplace.

As you’ll see below, we offer plenty of other specialised advice, too.

We’re experts in trade procedures as well.  Every year we check Letters of Credit worth hundreds of millions of pounds. We’ve been nominated for the World Chambers 2013 ‘Excellence’ Awards.

We’re also in the business of forging important strategic partnerships with commercial and other organisations at home and abroad.

Our expert associates have decades of experience between them and that’s why we’re able to deliver our unique suite of services.

Chamber International is held in high regard by the government. During the foot and mouth crisis of 2001 the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) allowed us to issue certificates for exports restricted by emergency regulations. In 2003 we helped ease the way the UK Chamber Network to become a third party contractor to H>M Revenue & Customs. Now we and other British Chambers issue more than 150,000 Customs certificates a year to exporters under this arrangement.

The unique thing about us is that we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all service but one that’s tailor-made precisely to suit your needs. All you have to do is ask.


ATA Carnets

These documents are a well-established way of fast-tracking the temporary export of exhibition goods, commercial samples or professional equipment through customs. The ATA Carnet is accepted by more than 80 customs authorities around the world.


For businesses anxious to avoid the time and expense of prolonged litigation, our business-orientated arbitration service offers you a quick and cost-effective way of settling trade disputes at home or overseas. A must for your risk-management tool box.

Cut the cost of trading overseas

Networking and professional development lie at the very heart of our work in improving companies’ business performance. We seek out and  promote best practice. We’re happy to share that knowledge with you by carrying out free reviews of your operations to make sure you maximise your investment in international trade.

Certification and Legalisation

We’re authorised by the Department for Skills, Innovation and Business as well as HM Revenue & Customs to certify the full range of international trade documents including Certificates or Origin, EUR1 and ATR Certificates. We work closely with the Arab-British and Egyptian-British Chambers of Commerce to legalise necessary paperwork.

Product Conformity

Unsafe and unreliable imported products can result in injury, death or damage to property. This is the reason why most countries around the world have stringent requirements in place to ensure their consumers are protected from sub-standard products and goods.

For many decades, companies around the world have relied on Chamber International's partner Intertek to issue them with the necessary certificates of conformity and to carry out pre-shipment inspections to ensure products comply with the importing country’s requirements.

Chamber International, through Intertek, has unique access to a world-wide network of testing laboratories that support Product Conformity Programmes (PCP) for a wide range of products.

Customs advice

Our clients often tell us how much hassle they avoid and money they save by using our specialist customs services. We offer advice on either reducing or delaying import taxes and duties. We can help in making applications for duty relief schemes and guide you on such matters as compliance, classification and warehousing arrangements as well as freight and insurance.


International Trade Website

Our dedicated international trade website at

www.chamber-international.com provides a detailed gateway to all our services including online documentation services, event updates and essential links. We profile key markets, showcase potential international business opportunities and bring you all the latest news and views.

Incoming Delegations

Many of our popular networking events are organised around incoming trade delegations so that you can make key contacts in target markets before planning a visit to the country yourself.

Research & Information Service

Tapping into our extensive international network, our specialists have huge experience in dealing with a wide range of inquiries from exporters and importers. If you need to find an accountant in Austria, a warehouse in Wyoming or airfreight services to Adelaide, we can give you the answers.


Tough trading conditions and increasing global competition mean that it’s more important than ever for your staff to acquire and continually update their skills if you’re to thrive and prosper.

We offer a wide range of training programmes and if necessary we’ll customise one especially for you. We’ll even deliver it on site if you wish. We’re accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce to deliver the “Core 6” courses for both new and established companies of all sizes and which offer staff the chance to receive the Foundation Award for Exporting

Some of our past clients include Thomas Cook Group Plc, Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc, Lloyds TSB Bank Plc, Shell UK Limited, and Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.


Translation and Interpretation

It’s vital to be able to communicate with your customers, suppliers, agents and distributors in a language they understand. Not all will have English as their first language. Not only are our translators skilled in more than 100 languages, they can also offer specialist services to cater for your particular industry sector, providing technical, commercial and legal documents as well as website and software translation. And it won’t cost you the earth.