Translation services for importers and exporters

Language is crucial and getting it right is essential if you’re bringing goods into the UK. The simple fact is that having professional translation makes importing easier and safer not only for web sites and technical manuals but also business correspondence and legal documentation.

Most people prefer to deal in their own language and research shows that business is more successful when you can communicate in your customer’s own language. Apart from anything else, it enhances the image of your own business.

Chamber International’s dedicated service translates between English and all major European and Asian business languages.

We observe three key principles:

  1. All our translators are qualified and experienced professional linguists and to give you peace of mind all translations are checked by a second graduate linguist.

  2. All translators work in their mother tongue – so you can be sure that the translation reads as if it were written by a native speaker.

  3. We ensure that translators understand the subject matter before starting work. We use your own industry’s terminology and our translators have vast experience of specialised technological and legal terms. 

Each job is handled by an experienced project manager.

All translations are produced in accordance with international Quality Standard ISO9001-2008, which means that the same quality assurance process is repeated for every project. We always guarantee to respect confidentiality. We offer full professional indemnity.

All our translations are produced by skilled human linguists aided by the latest technology, not by computers. The technology ensures that documents remain consistent and that the correct terminology is used.

We offer competitive rates. Contact Laura Patterson on +44 (0)7827 318692 or via email for a fixed price and delivery time.