Towards Commerce 3.0: Roadmap for Building Sustainable Growth into Commerce

A policy roadmap from ebay for boosting cross-border trade and supporting SMEs as one way to help secure sustainable economic growth. The roadmap argues that new technology tools and policy proposals need to be combined to power Europe's efforts to overcome the current economic crisis.

The roadmap, “Towards Commerce 3.0: Roadmap for Building Sustainable Growth into Commerce”, calls on the European Union to show global leadership by:

  1. Supporting private-public partnerships for trusted, low-cost and fast cross-border, end-to-end parcel delivery services; 
  2. Simplifying, standardising and ending discrimination with regard to VAT and customs duties for electronically purchased goods from both EU and non-EU sellers;
  3. Designing “21st century trade agreements” that create simplicity and transparency for consumers and small merchants;
  4. Promoting “mutual recognition” of other countries’ customs programmes as a key instrument to facilitate international trade flows;
  5. Adopting a new policy-making mindset towards technology and information society services that embraces experimentation and innovation.

Courtesy of ebay.