Rules of Origin in UK-EU Trade


Even if the UK has a zero-tariff trade agreement with the EU, companies will need to prove that their product is of UK origin to benefit from this (usually, this means that 50-55% of the product has to be locally sourced). The exact terms of these rules between the UK and the EU are yet to be negotiated.

Your business should consider

  • If you are a supplier, has your customer asked you to provide proof of where you source your content? Would you be able to provide it if asked?
  • If you buy your components from local suppliers, have you thought about conducting an audit of where they source their materials?

Resources and information

UK Government technical notices on EU FTAs if there’s no Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Proving Origin and the Duty Status of your goods

Should the United Kingdom reach a Withdrawal Agreement with the EU the existing preference and non-preference documents that we currently issue to exporters will continue to be used throughout any period of transition (Certificates of Origin, EUR1 and ATR Movement Certificates).

As part of our contingency planning for a no-deal Brexit, colleagues at the British Chambers of Commerce have worked closely with HMRC and the Department for International Trade on revising the format of the current forms we use. In the event of a no-deal Brexit we will continue to provide UK exporters with certification services using these new 'United Kingdom' versions of the forms.

These will be ready and available in time for 29 March in the event that a withdrawal agreement cannot be reached with the EU.

If you use our Premium or Express services and print your own certificates we will contact you in advance of any change to ensure you have replacement forms in good time.  

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