UK Certificate of Origin FAQs

Where can I obtain blank UK Certificate of Origin forms?

Forms are sold in quantities of 50 and 100 sets and can be posted or collected from Chamber International’s Bradford office. Order here

What is the difference between UK and Arab-British Certificates of Origin?

Arab-British certificates are required for exports to countries in the Arab League.  Click here for a list of these countries. UK Certificates of Origin are issued for all other countries  – with the exception of Mexico, see below.

What are the requirements for Mexico?

There is an official prescribed format for Certificates of Origin for Mexico. Click here to view the template.

Do I need to register my signature with Chamber International before I can sign documents?

If you are applying for documents for the first time you will need to complete a Formal Undertaking.  For a copy of the Standard Rules that apply for these procedures click here.

Can I send my documents by post?

Yes, please remember to enclose a company cheque for the issue fee made payable to 'Chamber Management Services' to the address in the contact us section.

Documents for certification will be processed the same day and be made available for collection.  Please remember to supply an SAE for your documents if you would like them returning by post.

How long will it take?

  • Documents can be issued straight away if requested via our express service*.
  • Documents received daily by 9.00am will be ready for collection on the standard same day service* from 12pm.
  • Documents received daily by 12.00pm will be ready for collection on the standard service* from 9.00am the following working day.  Documents received by post will be processed the same day and made available for collection after 12pm or alternatively please supply an SAE for the return of your documents by post.

*see price list for standard and express service fees

What is the cost?

View full price list here

Fees vary from Embassy to Embassy for legalised documents. Please contact one of our specialists on +44 (0)7827 318692 or by email for details.

Chamber of Commerce members benefit from monthly payment terms. Non-members are asked to make payment by credit card (excluding Amex), bank transfer or by company cheque made payable to 'Chamber Management Services'.

Do you certify invoices and other documents?

Yes, as long as your documentation relates to a commercial export it will normally be accepted for processing. Documents must be signed by a signatory from your company who is detailed on the Formal Undertaking that you have lodged with us.

Do you require copies of the documents?

Yes, please supply an extra originally signed copy for our records (this does not apply to Certificates of Origin).

Does my Certificate of Origin have to be signed by the company?

Yes, the application copy (pink page) must be signed in the bottom right hand corner.

Can I have a UK Certificate for a shipment to an Arab country?

Yes, but you will need to supply a signed disclaimer on your company headed paper. Click here for the wording.

Do I have to complete the back of the pink page of the Certificate?

Yes, tick the first box for goods wholly of United Kingdom origin or for goods manufactured exclusively from UK raw materials or components.  Most manufactured goods contain some raw materials or components that have been manufactured overseas, therefore, the second box is often the most appropriate.

Do I have to include weights on my Certificates of Origin?

It is recommended that weights are given, but this can be replaced by other units of measure e.g. volume or quantity of items.

Can I get extra copies of the certificates certified and/or legalised?

Yes, we supply additional pages which can be issued at the same time as the originals.

Can I have my certificate backdated?

Yes, in exceptional circumstances Chamber International will accept requests for backdated Certificates of Origin. Requests must be accompanied by a letter giving the reason behind the request. We also require a signed indemnity on your company headed paper. Click here for wording.


You can apply now for Certificates of Origin and invoices online using our secure certification system. For more information call +44 (0)7827 318692 or email us.

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