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Digital Validation


What is Genesis?

Genesis is a new online platform that allows Chamber International to digitally verify the origin of goods declared on your export invoice.

Do I need to use Genesis for all shipments?

No. Genesis is only needed when you use a ‘preference’ statement of origin. It does not replace the need for a Certificate of Origin.  

Why is there a need for Genesis?

New trade agreements between the UK and beneficiary countries allow exporters to use origin declarations on their invoices in place of EUR1 and ATR documents. Reduced tariffs on import are granted against these declarations. However, some overseas customs administrations are refusing to accept this form of self-certification without further evidence that the goods meet the origin rules in trade agreements. This leads to missed delivery deadlines, extra administration and additional cost.

Genesis has been developed to counter this. Genesis is an easy-to-use online tool that will allow chambers to add a digital kitemark to exporter invoices and give customs the reassurance they need.

When should I use Genesis?

We recommend you use the platform when you sell to customers in countries that have a trade agreement with the UK and after you have checked the trade agreement to see if your goods qualify under the rules of origin for tariff free trade.

See a list of trade agreements here:

UK trade agreements in effect

UK EU EAEC Trade and Cooperation Agreement

If you are unsure about the origin of your goods after checking the rules speak to one of our advisors on 0845 032 7200 or complete this form to request an origin review.

How do I get started?

In order to proceed, kindly complete and return (via email) our Formal Undertaking (the Standard Rules should be read and kept for your reference), together with your confirmation to set up your online account. If we already hold a Formal Undertaking for your organisation, contact Tamires Souza-Cichorz on 0845 032 7200 or email to request that we activate you on the system.

How does my company benefit?

  • Adds value for your customers by reducing the risk of delays
  • Presents a professional image to your overseas customers
  • Avoid delayed customs clearance
  • Become more customs compliant
  • Avoid time-consuming post-verification checks by overseas customs

What will it cost?

FREE if you require an origin review or £26.60 excluding VAT per export invoice for Chamber International clients and Chamber of Commerce members and £53.30 excluding VAT to others.

How do we get started and begin accessing the benefits?

Please contact Tamires Souza-Cichorz on 0845 032 7200 or complete this form to sign up for FREE.


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