Incoterms® - The Basics

Online Course

½ day 

This course has been designed to help people new to shipping or who only import or export occasionally. You may use Incoterms®such as Ex Works or FCA but have not yet had an opportunity to hear from an expert about how the different terms can impact your business.

  • What are Incoterms®?
  • The different versions of Incoterms®
  • Modes of transport
  • The functions of Incoterms®
  • What Incoterms® do not cover
  • Where and when to use Incoterms®
  • How to incorporate Incoterms® 
  • A description of each Incoterm®
  • Common misunderstanding and pitfalls when using Incoterms®
  • The importance of making sure your customers understand the terms being used for a shipment

Who will benefit from attending?

This workshop will equip you with the knowledge to deal confidently with customers, suppliers and freight forwarders when discussing the division of costs, ownership and other responsibilities.

The session will also benefit solicitors and those working in documentary credit departments of banks.

See our Incoterms® Masterclass option.

Our professional export training is delivered live online

Venue: Videoconference via Zoom

Date: 13 March 2025

Time: from 9.30am to 12.30pm

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Regular Customers / Chamber Members £372 +VAT

Non-Regular Customers / Non-Chamber Members £392 +VAT


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