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Chamber International have a simple 3 step process to help you check out whether businesses who cross-border e-Commerce is right for your business.

Just 3 steps away

Your business could be just three simple steps away from making sales in new markets through e-Commerce.  Here's how:

Step 1   Start

Fill in the information below, and we'll call you so that you can tell us a bit more about your situation. If we feel that your business could benefit from cross-border e-Commerce then we arrange a  further exploration meeting (free, no-obligation) that will also include one of our trusted e-Commerce partners.

Step 2   Assessment

You'll be offered an strategic assessment of the e-Commerce opportunity for your business, including:

  • recommendations for the most suitable marketplaces and target markets
  • projected sales
  • set-up and ongoing costs
  • operational plan, including profit repatriation

The assessment will result in a full written report, which will be presented to you for review and discussion no later than one month after start date.

Step 3   Set-up

Your e-Commerce partner will do all the work that is needed to set up your business on the most suitable cross-border marketplace.  This will include matters relating to marketing, logistics and payments.  We'll also help you ensure that any key Intellectual Property is registered and protected. 

Now you're all ready to receive orders and ship products.  Your e-Commerce partner will continue to manage the e-Commerce side of the business for you, including your detailed account of sales revenues and costs.  That account will be settled on a monthly basis, with the balance returning to your business.

Could my business benefit from cross-border e-Commerce?

If you'd like to know more about how cross-border e-Commerce might benefit your business, please complete this form.

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