Arab-British Certificate of Origin FAQs

Where can I obtain blank Arab-British Certificate of Origin forms?

Forms are sold in quantities of 50 and 100 sets and can be posted or collected from Chamber International’s Bradford office. Order here

What is the difference between UK and Arab-British Certificates of Origin?

Arab-British certificates are required for exports to some countries that belong to the Arab League (Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somali, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Yemen)

Do I need to register my signature before I can sign documents?

No, Chamber International will carefully check your documents before forwarding them to the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce for certification. Signature mandates are not required because Chamber International is not the certifying body.

Can I send my documents by post?

Yes, please remember to enclose a company cheque in payment of the fees. Cheques should be made payable to 'Chamber Management Services' and sent to the address shown in the contact us section. 

How long will it take?

Documents will take 48 hours for certification only and a further 4 to 8 days for legalisation at the embassy. Please supply an SAE for the return of your documents by post; alternatively we can telephone you when the documents are available for collection.

What is the cost?

Fees vary from Embassy to Embassy for legalised documents. Please contact one of our specialists on +44 0845 034 7200 or via email for the relevant embassy fees.

Payment can be accepted by credit card (excluding Amex), bank transfer or company cheque made payable to 'Chamber Management Services'.

Can you certify and/or legalise invoices and other documents?

Yes, as long as your documentation relates to a commercial export it will normally be accepted for processing.

Do you require copies of the documents?

Yes, we need three extra copies for any documents requiring legalisation (this does not apply to Certificates of Origin).

Does the Arab-British Certificate of Origin have to be signed by me or somebody in my company?

Yes, you must sign the blue (application) and green (control) copies in the bottom right hand corner of the form.

Do I have to show the manufacturers name(s) and address(es) on the front of the Arab Certificate of Origin?

Yes, this detail MUST appear in box 6. The Arab-British Chamber of Commerce will not accept any applications that do not include this information.

Do I have to include weights on my Certificates of Origin?

It is recommended that weights are given, but this can be replaced by other units of measure e.g. volume or quantity of items.

Can I get extra copies of the certificates certified and/or legalised?

Yes, we supply additional blank forms for this purpose.

Can I have my certificate back dated?


Do all embassies have different fees for legalisation?

Yes, and different rules as well. If you require further information on a relevant country please contact one of our specialists on +44 (0)7827 318684 or email.

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