Audio visual experts save cash with an ATA Carnet


Chamber International played its part to perfection and saved its client almost £13,000 in duty and taxes through its online temporary export permit system.

ATA Carnets, which translates to "book of temporary admission tickets", can be used for temporary exports – where goods are not to be sold - to fast-track customs in more than 80 countries belonging to the Carnet scheme without the need to pay duty and/or local tax on their arrival.

It was ideal for York-based Saville Audio Visual which won a major contact to provide an innovative, interactive conference recording and playback system for a global pharmaceutical company in the US.

Saville Digital Event Services supplied its specialist recording service, eStream and its bespoke delegate collaboration package Saville IDEA for a pharmaceutical conference, which was part of a new worldwide drug trial, after obtaining three ATA Carnets from Chamber International.

Saville supplied the interactive technology for the blue-chip pharmaceutical business and travelled to Los Angeles to manage the recording and delegate engagement of the event, part of a series of events being held worldwide.

Jim Young, head of digital events at Saville, explained: “Using a Carnet enabled us to avoid lodging an import bond in the US and the hassle of reclaiming it when the goods were repatriated.” 

Chamber International provides scores of ATA Carnets annually for businesses throughout the UK wanting to take items abroad as commercial samples, for presentations, display at exhibitions or trade fairs, and for professional equipment used by people working abroad such as theatre companies and touring rock bands.

Once issued, Carnets can be used for multiple international trips and are valid for a year. Countries, and territories, which accept them are in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.


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