Campaigning for exporters

Trading internationally can be exhilarating and hugely rewarding.

As well as being essential for a healthy and balanced economy, exporting can  transform businesses and lives out of all recognition and, for some companies, can be the key to survival.

Even so, it would be wrong to pretend that exporting is always a straight-forward, or easy process. Like everything in life, there can be obstacles and it can be difficult and frustrating.

This is why Chamber International is here to help, not just from initial guidance but right through to the final stages of what client businesses want to achieve.

Through our own expertise and contacts, such as global testing organisation, Intertek, our partnership with British Chamber of Commerce Singapore, and our accreditation to British Chambers of Commerce, we have a global reach and are able to access the highest levels of Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels to help clients resolve difficulties.

Through negotiations with policy makers and decision makers at some of the highest levels of international trade, our lobbying service can represent the interests of our members when many traditional channels may appear to have failed.

Whether the difficulty concerns Bills of Lading, Letters of Credit, VAT issues, interpretations of customs regulations, international trade agreements, country of origin labeling or wider compliance matters, Chamber International, with its many contacts around the world, will be ready to campaign of your behalf.

Not all aspects of exporting are for the faint-hearted but, when you choose to engage Chamber International, you gain a huge amount of expertise, commitment and determination to make your business an exporting success.

Whatever it takes.