Post-transition Brexit is now in view. Get ready for 2021


Time spent thinking through the changes that Brexit may bring to your firm could yield real dividends in future.

In order to help companies think about how their operations could be impacted, we have created a Business Brexit Checklist, outlining key areas of operations where firms should assess what could change on 1 January 2021.

 The British Chambers of Commerce have also prepared the No-deal Guidance Dashboard, document which brings together elements of the Risk Register and unanswered no-deal questions document that we produced previously. The Dashboard is an evaluation of the quality of official guidance available to firms to prepare for the UK’s departure from the EU, in a no-deal scenario, and identifies the areas where firms still lack the information they need to plan effectively. The BCC is using the Dashboard across Whitehall to help the government to provide more comprehensive information to businesses and to highlight the risks of a messy and disorderly exit from the EU.  

In the midst of high levels of political noise and turbulence, the BCC has also created an FAQ to distil the Brexit Agreement, and to help businesses understand what it means in practical terms.

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   Brexit FAQs


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   Business Brexit Risk Register


*There may be some differences to the status quo for UK trade with third countries – please check. Note that where materials refer to precise timelines for policy, these may be subject to revision as events unfold. This checklist may not contain changes to EU legislation or regulations that will apply to the UK whilst the UK 1) is a member of the EU or 2) going through a transition period.


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