An Introduction to Export Licensing

Online Workshop


½ day 

Export licensing systems are used to prevent goods from ending up in “the wrong hands” when they are exported.  Under existing UK and non-UK legislation, exporters are responsible for ensuring that their goods, software, or technologies, are not unwittingly breaching any export controls when shipped or transferred intangibly abroad.

Whether you are new to export licensing, or you already have experience of export controls but need refresher training – this course is for you!

Attend this workshop and learn how to become more compliant with export controls legislation, as part of your commitment to being a responsible exporter.


  • An introduction to general principles
  • A short history of export controls
  • When export controls changed forever
  • Military Use versus Dual-Use Controls
  • Licence Required or No Licence Required
  • Types of licences
  • End-User Undertakings
  • Trade Control Licensing
  • Record keeping and auditing
  • Compliance checks and preparing for a government visit
  • A short introduction to US trade controls
  • Re-exports and re-transfers of US components
  • Decision trees

Our professional export training is delivered live online

Venue: Videoconference via Zoom

Date: 19 June 2024

Time: 1.30pm to 4.30pm

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