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BCC responds to investment for Northern Ireland traders

“Whilst the funding announcement for the Trader Support Service is welcome, we need to remember that the GB/NI Border model impacts businesses on both sides of the Irish Sea.”

Negotiations on the UK’s Future Trading Relationship with the US: Update

The third UK-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiating round took place from 27 July to 7 August 2020.

US Change Origin Status for Imports from Hong Kong

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has announced that imported goods produced in Hong Kong will have to be marked to indicate China as their country of origin rather than Hong Kong.

Importing animals, animal products and high-risk food and feed not of animal origin from 1 January 2021

What you need to do to import animals, animal products, high-risk food and feed into the UK from 1 January 2021.

No more Transition at the UK Border

The UK left the European Union on 31st January 2020, and the transition period comes to an end in December this year. It is vital that businesses take action now to get ready for 2021.

Displaying 31 - 35 of 182 matches