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Growing overseas trade: partnership building and pitfalls

Top tips on on building and maintaining strong partnerships with overseas companies.

The world's most important consumer group

If UK business could choose to capture the hearts of one global demographic, which one should it be? The most populous? The richest? The one with most influence in purchasing decisions?

Why should businesses explore the Far East?

With Brexit at home, unrest in the EU, a new President tearing up international agreements in the US and East Asia is starting to feel like a region of relative certainty. What better time for British businesses to explore opportunities in the Far East?

Freshly Clicked in East Asia

"Freshly Clicked" – would you buy a cup of tea online? How about a freshly killed fish, ready to cook for dinner tonight?

7 Ways Digital Marketing Knocks the Socks Off Traditional Export Support

Less and less people in the UK are searching for the term exporting. Digital marketing is on the rise.

Displaying 16 - 20 of 23 matches