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Country risk – it’s no laughing matter

When assessing a country as a potential export market, we ask three questions: 1) What are the benefits of this opportunity? 2) What are the costs? 3) What are the risks? And what might a pig have to do with any of this? Read on and you’ll see.

Top tips - finding the right overseas distributors for you

For many businesses, particularly manufacturers and producers, success overseas depends on finding and building strong partnerships with distributors. Here are our top tips, to help you do it right.

Selling capital equipment to China – some rules of engagement

If you've ever sold large capital equipment to a customer in China, the chances are you will have found it a challenging experience.

Looking beyond Brexit

This blog is is part of the 4 part Export Blog Series kindly supplied by Routes and Branches.

Growing overseas trade: partnership building and pitfalls

Top tips on on building and maintaining strong partnerships with overseas companies.

Displaying 6 - 10 of 17 matches