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Australia Implements Cosmetics Information Standard

Under the new information standard, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are categorized as cosmetics, requiring sellers to provide the alcohol content and warning information either on the product packaging or the container.

9 Essential Points to Understand China’s Cross-Border Ecommerce (CBEC) Policy

At ChemLinked we often get asked questions in relation to China’s CBEC Policies so we felt it might be better to compile the most common ones and answer them here.

China’s Export Control Law Explained

China’s Export Control Law (“ECL”), which comes into effect December 1, this year, will tighten up the country’s export’s supervision regime through strict monitoring and imposition of penalties.

We need to talk about international trade. Here are 5 things that can really help you and that you REALLY need to know

In practical terms it has never been easier to trade internationally. Yet we’re increasingly finding that many of our clients get “caught out” by one thing or another. Here are 5 things you really should do:

China’s Crackdown on Daigou, New Cross-Border e-Commerce Policies

China’s crackdown on daigou is part of its moves to strengthen e-commerce regulation and better control the rapidly expanding sector.

Displaying 6 - 10 of 24 matches