Use our business checklist to prepare for Brexit

20 March 2018


A special checklist has been created by British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) to help businesses consider changes they may have to make when the UK leaves the EU.

All businesses, not just those directly and immediately affected, should undertake a Brexit health check and a wider test of existing strategies, which BCC says could yield dividends in future.

Even though a final agreement has not yet been reached between the UK and the EU, BCC says it has created the checklist, based on research carried out through chambers of commerce nationwide, so it can help businesses to start planning now.

The findings of the research, which asked questions covering how much time companies had spent considering the effects of Brexit; whether there had been board level discussions and changes effecting suppliers and customers; suggested that most businesses were ’watching and waiting’ or taking no action at all.

The checklist has four main sections covering Workforce, Cross-Border Trade, Taxation and Currency/Intellectual Property Contracts, with specific issues including the effects of any immigration changes on staffing and skills needs; potential tariffs on UK-EU trade, potential delays at the UK/EU border; the prospect of import VAT and the future of EU-registered trademarks in the UK.


To read the entire checklist, please click here.


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