Eco-Fair heats up, catch us on stand 94

More than 600 people have pre-booked a place at Eco-Fair. Find out who.

There has been some exciting late additions to the speaker program...

Innovating for sustainable Development. Alliance Boots (TBC) & Newlight Technologies
Hear from a company making plastic from CO2 and from Alliance Boots, who use algae to eat emissions, creating anti-aging formulations and green oil of the future.

Doing business in a circular economy – Professor Peter Hopkinson, University of Bradford
Imagine a world where resources are continuously re-used….. Come along to this seminar to find out how to unlock the true business potential of a circular economy.

Was Yahoo right to ban flexi-working? - Trewin Rostrick, CEO, Global Action Plan
Explore the risks and rewards in promoting smarter travel choices to employees.

Engaging your customers in sustainable living. Jo Daniels, Marks and Spencer
Making sustainability simple. Find out why your company should be doing the same and how to go about it.

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