“A man who speaks our language”

A serial entrepreneur heading up one of the world’s largest translation agencies is the latest Ambassador to be recruited to the highly-successful Export Network, part of the “We Are International” campaign.

Run by Chamber International along with UK Trade & Investment and the Local Enterprise Partnership, the campaign aims to dramatically increase the number of businesses selling their goods and services overseas and add more than £2.5 billion to the region’s economy.

Larry Gould, CEO of thebigword and a man with impeccable international credentials, has joined the Network and will be the keynote speaker at its next major event at Deloitte’s, 1 City Square, Leeds LS1 2AL on 17 July between 4pm and 6pm.

“Never before have there been such great opportunities to sell goods and services outside the UK especially online,” said Mr Gould. “One of the final barriers is language which has often paralysed some people from moving forward. Now technology and other facilities make that much easier to overcome and UK companies can seize these opportunities.

“We’re among the most innovative countries in the world and our products and services are the best around. Duties and documentation have vanished from Europe and now the emerging markets are becoming great new customers.”

Mr Gould’s business, which includes Manchester United among its prestigious client list, has become is the world’s twelfth largest translation and interpreting company. It employs 442 people from 73 countries based in 12 offices in nine countries working with 10,222 linguists. Every month, thebigword interprets over the telephone two million minutes of speech in 235 languages and its linguists carry out 12,500 face-to-face interpreting bookings.  It translates 35 million words a month in more than 400 languages.

Mr Gould, is a highly successful businessman, who launched a recruitment company in 1980, building it to a £20 million turnover before selling it some 15 years later.

To attend the Export Network event click here