Key UK & EU Customs and Regulatory Updates

Online Workshop


This workshop has been designed to provide anyone importing to, or exporting from, the UK and the EU, with vital information regarding regulatory updates, law changes, and policy developments. Attending this course will significantly improve your understanding of EU and UK customs and global trade matters, affecting both jurisdictions. These insights will allow you to break down barriers, improve your business's Europe-Britain trade flow, and be fit in 2024.



  • CBAM - what is it, and why does it matter?
  • EU Customs Union Reform - what is changing, and how can businesses prepare?
  • Transit - What do you need to know about NCTS 5 and the "electronic only" Proof of Union Status?
  • New laws are coming: Deforestation Law, Forced Labour Law, Anti-Coercion Instrument - what you need to know
  • Export and import declarations are changing in the EU - from boxes to data elements and more granularity 
  • The EU Customs Portal - what you need to know 
  • Getting ready for ICS 2 Release 3
  • EU FTA upates 
  • Sanctions against Russia - What's the latest?


  • BTOM- what changes, practically?
    • The veterinary border and SPS checks
    • Safety and Security Data
    • The UK Single Trade Window
  • Trade with Northern Ireland and the Windsor Framework - where are we?
  • CDS for exports - are you ready to complete the transformation
  • CPTPP and other trade agreements
  • UK sanctions against Russia
  • UK CBAM - what you need to know

This workshop will equip you with the knowledge to deal with EU-UK cross-border matters, and will benefit those starting out in customs, as well as seasoned experts looking for a "brush up".


Our professional export training is delivered live online

Date: 21 August 2024

Time: from 1:30pm to 4:30pm


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