Customs Declaration Service for Exports 

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HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is nearing the final phased launch of the Customs Declaration Service (CDS). CDS is replacing the existing Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system, which has been handling customs entries since 1994.

From 30 March 2024, businesses will be able to declare all their exports from the UK using the Customs Declaration Service (CDS). HMRC issued its most recent guidance on the transition from CHIEF to the new declaration system on 19 December 2023, in which it confirmed the benefits of subscribing to CDS using Government Gateway, and also the timeline for change-over.

CDS is a major change to the way in which customs declarations are made, and this course provides detailed information on the changes.

Attend this session to discover how customs declarations are done by clearing agents on your behalf through CDS, or if your business wants to acquire the know-how to  make its own declarations to customs.


  • What is CDS?

  • What are differences between CDS and CHIEF?

  • An explanation of the terminology - an overview of what’s new and who needs to provide the information

    -  Data categories
    -  Data sets
    -  Data elements
  • The eight data sets and their elements (that replace the SAD boxes)

 - Data set 1: Declarations, procedures and additional procedures

 - Data set 2: Previous documents, statements, documents and references

 - Data set 3: Exporters, importers, sellers, buyers etc (replacing the                   SAD boxes)

 - Data set 4: Delivery terms (Incoterms®), tax lines, additions and                       deductions, valuation 

 - Data set 6: Packages, quantities, goods description, commodity codes

 - Data set 7: Transport modes, identification, containers, seals        

 - Data set 8: Quotas, guarantees, nature of transactions, statistical value

  • Supporting documents how does CDS differ from CHIEF

    -  Information requirements for a customs entry
    -  Commercial invoice
    -  Using the UK Tariff
    -  Procedure codes
  • CDS tariff completion rules - where and how to access the information
  • Types of declarations - the different declarations available under CDS
  • Working with third-party declarants

    -  The importance of instructions
  • Working through a CDS entry - a step by step demonstration

  • Sources of information and help for CDS


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