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International Trade Qualification


How will I benefit?

  • Turn your ambitions into action - a new, exciting, modern approach to building your knowledge and practical understanding of import and export, that will give you recognition and fill you with confidence
  • Get qualified – prestigious new award backed by Chambers of Commerce, that recognises your competency and practical skills as a professional trade practitioner
  • Achieve your full potential – become more efficient; understand the challenges and how to overcome them; learn how to manage imports and exports from experienced trade experts

How will my employer benefit?

  • Lower staff turnover – offering career development initiatives helps employees establish a sense of value within the company and fosters loyalty, ultimately resulting in increased staff retention
  • Boosts workplace engagement - dedicated training and development improve workforce efficiency, competitiveness and engagement, all of which are critical to your company’s financial performance
  • Less supervision – the need for close and continuous supervision is reduced when employees are trained to a higher level; this frees up management time, builds trust and empowers individuals

Numbers are limited to 10 delegates to allow a more personal, individual learning experience.

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