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A faster way to access what you need from your business anywhere in the world

In the fast-paced world of business, you and your employees have to make fast decisions – those decisions must be based on accurate facts and figures. When you have this information stored on different systems, the chance of costly mistakes rises significantly. Sales get lost, and customers get upset. That’s not good for business. edge solves that problem. It’s a safe and secure one-stop system that will transform your business.

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The power to win national and global sales with the press of a button

Many companies lose fortunes in lost sales because employees fail to communicate to each other on time and accurately. How many times have you heard a problem was caused by poor communication? edge helps you to solve this problem. It offers you a stock management control system that links you to your supply chain, your employees, and every customer.

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Simple ways produce the documents you need for national and global sales

From the moment your company receives an order, your employees can submit a quote or invoice in a matter of minutes. Also, if you are exporting you have instant access to Chamber certification for things like Certificates of Origin. This means that you’ll automatically increase the quality of your customer service - nationally and globally. 

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Edge is changing the way you do business in the UK and across the world. Take a look for yourself by clicking on the link above to access a free trial. 


Telephone Nikki Clow on 0845 034 7200 or email to arrange a demonstration.

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