Yorkshire to New York – Sell for Profit

5 May 2014

Yorkshire’s richest man and New York’s most famous business man have joined forces to endorse a book about selling in today’s global economy.

Lord Kirkham, Founder of DFS and Donald Trump have praised the work of global sales expert Darren Kelly.

Kelly, who was one of our recent speakers at ‘We Are International’ draws on his diverse communication experiences

•           10 years as a shipping executive in Dublin Port,

•           10 years as a broadcaster at Heart FM, Real Radio

•           five years as a global sales expert

He says “My first career was import and export in Ireland’s largest shipping port, Dublin Port. I served the needs of local and global shipping agencies and world famous companies from every sector. I also met some amazing entrepreneurs who saw a gap in a global market and transformed their businesses. That’s why I support and admire the expertise that the team at Chamber International provide for companies.”

The three time number 1 iTunes bestselling author says, “My aim was to make the book a simple but powerful guide to sales success. We live in a global economy. Technology has made the business world smaller, and that’s fantastic news for British businesses.”  

HELLO PROFIT was launched on 14 April and is available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon. An audio edition is available on Amazon from May.

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Chamber International - Darren Kelly

Chamber International - Hello Profit - Darren Kelly