Windsor Framework – Businesses Must Prepare for Staged Implementation

10 July 2023


In June, the UK government released an update regarding the staged implementation of the so-called “Windsor Framework” for trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Though some arrangements have already been put in place since the Framework was announced earlier this year (relating to VAT for certain energy-saving technologies and materials, and the movement and sale of second-hand cars, for instance), more far-reaching elements will come into play soon.

The existing UK Trader Scheme will be replaced by a new UK Internal Market Scheme, as of 30 September; this will expand the range of businesses able to benefit from the new arrangements, with freedom of movement and the removal of EU tariffs.   New sanitary and phytosanitary “green lane” arrangements will also begin, enabling the smooth movement of agrifoods.

One year later, in September 2024, the full “green lane” will take effect for the movement of all goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  There will be further changes in 2025, specifically relating to licenses and packaging for medicines.

Preparing now

These changes have huge implications for businesses who trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland; it is vital that traders learn about and prepare for them in advance, in order to benefit fully, and not be caught out.

Chamber International is holding an all-new workshop on 25 July, providing a complete update for businesses.  See here for information about this event and how to join.


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