Routes to Russia

22 March 2012

Routes to Russia 

Even by our own high standards, it was an outstanding success. And the 50 or so participants in our Russia Today at DLA Piper in Leeds earlier this month agreed that it provided a unique insight into modern Russia, shattering a lot of the lingering myths about the old Cold War Days.

Russia is changing fast. Vladimir Putin may have reassumed the role of president, but Russia is reaching out to do business internationally, poised to join the World Trade Organisation. And as the seminar sponsored by Intertek and Containerships clearly proved, opportunities abound if you know how to find them.

We brought together a host of acknowledged experts in the field to give in-depth inside knowledge of this the world’s eighth biggest economy. And the detailed question and answer session proved useful for many of those attending.

Julie Field, export sales executive Crosslee plc, which manufactures tumble-dryers and hostess trolleys at its Halifax factory, is visiting Moscow this spring. She had a specific inquiry about licensing during the detailed question and answer session which she found “useful and informative”.

“After listening to the advice of the professionals and the experience of other businesses already trading in Russia, I definitely feel more optimistic as to our chances of getting a foothold in this huge market,” she explained.

“I got a lot of tips about the logistics of going over. I also met someone at the seminar who could help with getting visas and letters of invitation as well as hotels.”

After receiving inquiries for its foodstuffs, Suma, the hugely successful Leeds wholefood co-op, wanted to know about certification and documentation for its products.

“Now I know where to go to get things done,” said Ian Reynolds, who’s involved in exports. “The last thing we want is for food to rot in customs. With 6,500 products one of the things I’ve been considering is sending a reduced range to Russia.

“It was a very informative morning and certainly worthwhile. I took ten pages of scribbled notes to make sure that if things take off they go as smoothly as possible.”

Whether you’re exporting to Russia or anywhere else, Chamber International’s expert associates can help to open doors and smooth the way. Because as the regional head of UK Trade & Investment Mark Robson recognises, we’re always on top of our game.

“We’re quite lucky here in Yorkshire to have Chamber International,” he said. “They’re the most innovative chamber around, they have new ideas and they’re focused on adding value for their members and customers.”

Pictured top: Svetlana Collier, Intertek and Les Warren, Containerships present prize winner Colin Ward, of Eptheca Global with caviar and vodka