Overseas sales saw further increases across all sectors in 2013 Q4, according to the latest Leeds, York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Economic Survey.

Manufacturers recorded the greatest increases with the net balance up 17% on Q3 and 52% of companies reporting increasing overseas sales, the survey says.

The service sector also reported gains with a net balance increase of 4%, and 41% of companies reporting better sales. Forward orders also show improvements across both service and manufacturing with net balance up +1% and +6% respectively.

Overseas sales reflected domestic performance and forward orders, both of which achieved pre-recession levels and, the survey says, may signal a sustained period of economic growth.

Manufacturing performed particularly strongly, reporting a net balance increase of +34% on domestic sales.

Meanwhile, the British Chambers of Commerce 2013 Q4 survey revealed that both services export balances and employment are at all time highs for the survey with export sales at +36% and export orders at + 33%.

The report says: “In manufacturing, key balances for domestic sales and export orders fell slightly although these are still high by historical standards.”

BCC says that, on the basis of the survey, Q4 GDP growth could be as high as 0.9%.

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