Notice to Exporters 2019/08

4 June 2019


Open general trade control licence (maritime anti-piracy)

Schedule 1 (goods concerned) of this licence has been amended to reflect the change of control entry for non-military shotguns. Control entry PL9010 has been added to this schedule. ‘Control entry’ refers to a category in the Consolidated list of strategic military and dual-use items that require export authorisation.

Please note the geographic boundaries of the ‘high risk area’ for piracy in the Indian Ocean have recently been reduced. Up to date information on the extent of the high risk area can be found on the shipping industry’s maritime global security website.

This licence comes into force 5 June 2019. The licence dated 17 November 2017 is now revoked.

If you have any queries about export licencing of maritime anti-piracy services, please email:

Open general export licence (export after exhibition or demonstration: military goods)

The scope of this licence has been changed to allow goods to be moved directly from one exhibition to another (or returned to their origin). The licence no longer requires goods to be returned directly to their origin after a single exhibition event.

The permitted destinations are unchanged.

This licence comes into force on 5 June 2019. The licence dated 5 March 2018 is now revoked.

Open general export licence (Iraq)

This has been updated to correct a reference to the category of goods to which it applies.

This licence comes into force 5 June 2019. The licence dated 6 October 2015 is now revoked.


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