New importation regulation for Egypt

22 January 2016

The Ministry of Trade & Industry announces that certain products that are exported to Egypt for the retail market have to be registered at the General Organisation for Export & Import Control. This fully goes into effect 60 days after the first announcement on 30 December 2015 (28 February 2016).

The following finished products imported for retail market purposes will in future need to be registered:

1. Dairy products

2. Canned and dried fruits

3. Edible oils & fats

4. Chocolate and cocoa products

5. Sugar products

6. Pastas, grain products (bread) and bakery products

7. Fruit juice

8. Mineral, natural, sparkling water and soft drinks

9. Cosmetics, dental products, deodorants, bath products, and perfume ingredients.

10. Soap and detergents

11. Floor covers

12. Tableware, cutleries and utensils

13. Sanitary ware, tubs, sinks, toilets and toilet seats

14. Toilet paper, sanitary & cosmetic papers and baby diapers 

15. Household tiles

16. Table glassware

17. Reinforced steel bars

18. Household appliances 

19. Office & household furniture

20. Bicycles and motorcycles

21. Watches

22. Household lightning equipment

23. Toys

24. Garments, Textiles, Furnishings, Rugs, Blankets and Shoes

It is compulsory to present the following documents to register the factories exporting the products listed in Decree 991 / 2015 of the Arab Republic of Egypt:

1. A copy of the factory's license

2. A certificate of the legal entity of the factory and its range of products

3. The trade mark of the product and the trade marks that are being produced under the license provided by the owner of the trademark

4. A certificate stating that the factory is implementing the quality control systems, environmental regulations, international labour law regulations and the international accords organisation

5. A list of the factories that are producing this trade mark; in case the owner of the trade mark is the one to submit the application

6. Approval from the factory to accept technical inspection to assure the compliance with the environmental and health & safety regulations and that the factory will provide all the assistance to do so.

Chamber International is an official agent of the Egyptian-British Chamber of Commerce. Contact our trade procedures specialists on 0845 034 7200 for advice on how to comply with these new requirements to avoid unnecessary delays and costs.


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