Multimodal speeds up with Eurotunnel

10 November 2017


Eurotunnel Freight has become the vital link in many supply chains. Logistics companies depend on us for our speed and efficiency helping them to deliver goods with confidence. Moreover, Eurotunnel's customers benefit from a faster crossing and significant savings in driver hours and fuel costs.

Speed: Cross the channel in only 35 minutes, at 140 km / hour

Eurotunnel Freight provides the quickest way to cross the Channel with a truck. Each step of the journey is designed to maximise the utilisation of your vehicles with minimum stoppage time. No need to book a specific departure time. Simply turn up and board!

Ease: Manage your fleet conveniently

Our terminals are easily accessible, located directly on the main routes between London and the continent, the M20 at Folkestone and the A16 and A26 motorways at Calais.

Reliability: Make your delivery commitments with confidence

Our hourly capacity ensures the fastest possible transit time. Our service is available 24/7 and 365 days a year with up to 1 departure every 10 minutes at peak times.

Increase your productivity

By choosing the fastest way to cross the Channel, you optimise the turn around time of your fleet and meet your customer delivery requirements.

Optimise your profitability

By providing a direct link between the A16 in Calais and the M20 in Folkestone, Eurotunnel enables you to save 25km in driving time and fuel costs to / from London compared to using Dover.


Kindly supplied by Multimodal


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