Media and entertainment sectors expertise boosts business at Chamber International

23 March 2017


SPECIALIST export work is being referred into Yorkshire from all over the UK in recognition of expertise developed by Chamber International.

Overseas trade specialist, Chamber International, has become the main UK organisation issuing certificates known as ATA Carnets to the media and entertainment sectors, ranging from museums and theatre groups to TV companies, photographers and rock groups.

Chamber International account executive, Lydia Moi, (pictured below) has become nationally recognised for issuing the certificates after studying the special demands of the sectors and undergoing a higher level of training.

Chamber International - Lydia Moi - New Account Executive

ATA Carnets, which translates to “book of temporary admission tickets”, can be used for temporary exports – where goods are not to be sold – to fast-track customs in more than 80 countries belonging to the Carnet scheme without the need to pay duty and/or local tax on their arrival.

ATA Carnets are widely used by businesses to obtain duty free import and fast clearance of professional equipment, commercial samples and goods for trade fairs as well as by touring theatre companies, film crews and musicians touring overseas which Lydia Moi specialises in along with mainstream carnet work.

Lydia Moi, who has been issuing ATA Carnets for more than two years, says: “There’s only a few Chambers of Commerce in the UK authorised to issue ATA Carnets and we realised that most are generalists which don’t offer a dedicated service to the entertainment and media sectors like us and I now get referrals from other chambers throughout the UK.

“The work is fascinating because you come across so many different situations. We’ve issued Carnets for race horses, classic cars and famous rock groups, you never know who the next call will be from.”

Her work involves working closely with film and television crews, photojournalists and theatre companies to meticulously check that all equipment, costumes, cameras and lenses are correctly listed along with serial numbers so that the customer can pass through customs without any complications.

She says: “It’s crucial to check the country being visited for any prohibited items. I had a request for a Carnet to support a Yorkshire opera company planning to tour several Scandinavian countries.

“While checking thousands of production and costumes items declared on the Carnet against overseas import regulations, I discovered an animal fur subject to an import ban in one of the host countries. This small production prop could have jeopardised the whole tour had it not been spotted it in time.

“The deadlines are usually much tighter so it can be very stressful. We recently handled a fashion photographer’s Carnet request for camera and lighting equipment for a photo shoot in Morocco. Models were travelling from different parts of the world to take part and any delays in getting the photographer’s equipment to the location on time would have lost him a major high street account.

“It’s all about speed and convenience. Imagine having to appoint an overseas customs broker, be subject to commercial clearance, pay import bonds to then have to go through it again when returning. Carnet’s avoid all this and make life much easier.”

Chamber International is the official issuing body for ATA Carnets in Yorkshire and Humberside. The organisation also assists chambers of commerce with a wide range of specialist international trade services and is and is exclusively partnered with London headquartered global testing organisation, Intertek, to assist with a wide range of issues including product conformity.


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