Malaysian Tender Scam Alert

14 January 2020


Businesses are warned to be on their guard, as an historic scam is circulating again and could prove very costly to those who don’t recognise the danger.

Chamber International senior associate, David Attia was contacted by a Bristol-based manufacturer when alarm bells began to ring about a tender opportunity in Malaysia.

The company had been approached by a Malaysian company offering to act as their agent and submit for a government tender.

As further details emerged, it transpired that the Bristol company would be expected to pay 3000 Euros at quotation, supposedly to demonstrate their commitment to tender, and a further 1% of tender value when order placed, to show the firm’s financial stability. The monies would allegedly be refunded at a later stage in the process.

Tapping into Chamber International’s global network of business partners, David Attia contacted the Executive Director of British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce. Her response was speedy, and with further information – including the fact that the procurement company was registered in Nigeria – she was able to advise that the tender process and request was a scam and should be dropped immediately.

The Bristol manufacturer escaped unscathed, thanks to help from Chamber International, but how many less astute companies may have had their fingers burnt?

 Please remain alert to these bogus opportunities.


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