Intertek setting new standards in Nigeria

Industry leader Intertek is at the forefront of improving the quality and safety of goods exported to Nigeria, after signing a five year contract with The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) Conformity Assessment Programme.

The organisation, a partner of Chamber International, will be at the forefront of protecting Nigerian citizens from dangerous and sub-standard goods.

As well as being the leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide Intertek is a leading provider of Conformity Assessment Programmes services for Nigeria and the rest of world. Under the new contract Intertek will to continue to provide certification services in line with the Nigerian Conformity Assessment Programme (SONCAP).

The programme was launched in 2005  to improve both the quality and safety of goods being exported to Nigeria. It requires that every consignment of regulated products shipped to Nigeria meets both international and local standards. It also ensures that exporters obtain a Certificate of Conformity to clear customs.

The programme is further strengthened by the fact that samples are also taken at the country of origin and the container duly sealed to prevent tampering and substitution of products.

Intertek, the longest serving and most experienced provider of Conformity Assessment Programmes services in the world, has been approved by SON to issue the mandatory Certificates of Conformity. With a network 1,000 laboratories and offices and more than 33,000 people operating in more than 100 countries worldwide, Intertek has the resources and expertise to support its global customers.

Contact Nikki Cunningham at Chamber International on 0845 034 7200 for details.