Important Change – Certificate of Origin Service

14 February 2023


UK Certificate of Origin pre-printed forms to be withdrawn 31 March 2023


What’s changing?

On 31 March 2023, pre-printed UK Certificate of Origin forms will be withdrawn from use in the United Kingdom.

From 1 April 2023, your Certificates of Origin will still be returned to you online in the normal way, for you to print on plain paper using a colour printer if you require a hard copy, but the Certificate of Origin pre-printed 3-part form will no longer be required.


What’s the reason for the change?

The UK Government is committed to achieving its digital ambitions for trade by 2025 and the British Chambers of Commerce are supporting this move. Over 40% of Certificates of Origin issued worldwide are now printed on plain paper, and the UK is to follow this global trend.


How will I benefit?

✓ SAVE on stationery – no need to purchase Certificate of Origin blank forms

✓ SAVE on postage and packing charges – no more charges for sending the forms to you

✓ SAVE on resubmission fees when your Certificate of Origin form is spoilt by your printer

✓ SAVE time – no more waiting for your pre-ordered forms to arrive before you can print your certificate, or time spent aligning your printer settings


Apart from this, will the way I apply for Certificates of Origin change?

No, there are no other changes.


How should I prepare?

You may wish to begin alerting your customers and freight forwarders to the change. In future, you could send a link to the certificate direct to your customers for them to print the document, saving you both time; this is something you could discuss with them before 31 March.


Will plain paper certificates be accepted against a Letter of Credit by the bank?

Yes. The guidelines the banks work to allow plain paper certificates.  These guidelines are published in Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits 600 (UCP) and International Standard Banking Practice for the Examination of Documents Under UCP 600.

It is recommended that you stamp your plain paper certificate as an ‘original’, and any additional copies required under the terms of the credit should be stamped ‘copy’ before you present your documents to the bank.


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