Groupe Eurotunnel becomes Getlink

27 November 2017


Groupe Eurotunnel has changed its name to Getlink.

This new name, reflecting the dynamism of connection and exchange, marks the Group’s passage into an exciting new era for mobility infrastructures.

“Getlink is all that is Eurotunnel and more than just Eurotunnel! Originally the promoter of the Channel Tunnel, itself an historic technological achievement, over the past ten years the Group has transformed and is now in perfect shape to take on the challenges of new forms of mobility”, stated Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group.

“The core mission for Getlink is the development and management of safe, modern and environmentally friendly mobility infrastructures, a challenge taken up with success by the 3,300 employees serving more than 20 million passengers and thousands of businesses in the United Kingdom, France and across Europe”.

Getlink now leads the businesses of four major commercial brands:

  • Eurotunnel, the leader across the Channel with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight,
  • Europorte, the leading private rail freight operator in France,
  • ElecLink, the future electrical interconnector between the UK and France,
  • CIFFCO, the leading private European railway training centre.

Each year, Getlink safely transports more than 20 million passengers, 1.6 million trucks, 2.6 million cars, almost 2 billion tonne-kilometres of freight and, soon, also 1 gigawatt of electricity.

The Getlink businesses have established and strength are committed to the promise of the new identity for all its customers based on three core tenets: Safe, Smart & Green:

  • SAFE: from the outset, Getlink businesses have never compromised on safety. Our services have always been the safest way to cross the Channel and to transport goods.
  • SMART: investments in digital technologies over the past five years have enabled Getlink to enter the era of Smart infra and now enable it to offer an ever more enriching experience to its customers, whether in relation to quality of service, precision of information or staff engagement.
  • GREEN: Getlink provides mobility infrastructure solutions that are amongst the most environmentally friendly and the Group is today leader in eco-responsible transport and fully engaged in energy transition.

“With revenues of over one billion euros, an operating margin of 50% and predictable cash flows up to 2086, Getlink has demonstrated the effectiveness and resilience of its economic model. It is on this same basis that we will continue to generate growth by offering our customers high value adding solutions, as exampled by ElecLink” concluded Jacques Gounon.

The Group will retain the same stock market code: GET (Euronext Paris and Euronext London).


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