Extra authorisation needed for non-UK goods bound for Iraq

11 September 2017


All goods made outside the UK, and being exported to Iraq, must now be accompanied by a formal letter of authorisation from the sender, the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce says.

The request, from the Iraqi commercial attaché in London, was issued on 30 August 2017 and says that the exporter’s authorisation letter must confirm that the goods have been manufactured for the benefit of their business.

The letter, which represents a tightening of controls by Iraq on the nature of imports to the country, should accompany all documentation submitted to the Iraqi Embassy via Chamber International for legalisation.

Goods made in the UK are exempt from the request but items imported to Britain, and then re-exported to Iraq, including components, must have the additional authorisation.


For further information speak to Chamber International’s Trade Procedures Division on 0845 034 7200.


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