Exporters: Tap into the skills of overseas students in Yorkshire

19 December 2013

Exporting businesses are being given the chance to tap into the language, cultural and local expertise of  overseas higher education students who are studying in Yorkshire.

Students from more than 150 countries study at  the 12 higher education institutions in Yorkshire and Humber, all of which are members of Yorkshire Universities, Leeds, which aims to maximise the value of higher education in the region.

Yorkshire Universities is offering overseas students to Yorkshire and Humber businesses for international business projects where their language skills, multi-cultural experience, international contacts and cultural understanding can assist overseas trade initiatives.

Businesses are asked to fund the cost-effective placements in which students can work full-time during holidays and part-time in term time while international graduates are also eligible to work for up to four months after finishing their course which is usually between September and December.

Yorkshire Universities Student International Business Projects prospectus says: “This about your business need and decide what qualifications, skills and experience you would like and Yorkshire’s universities will find you someone who fits the bill.”

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