Evidence call as UK sets up Trade Remedies Authority as part of quitting EU

23 March 2018


A new Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) is being set up by the UK as part of the process of leaving the EU and becoming an independent trading nation.

Efforts are already being made by the TRA to reach any businesses with a potential interest in existing measures being taken by the EU against unfair trade.

A call for evidence, issued through the Department of International Trade (DIT), aims to identify which UK businesses produce goods currently subject to anti-dumping or anti-subsidy measures, or to a current investigation related to these.

The call for evidence, which seeks submissions no later than 12pm on March 30 2018, asks identified businesses if they support, are neutral to, or oppose, such measures being retained when the UK starts to operate its own independent trade remedy framework.

Information is also requested about such businesses’ production and sales and total UK production and sales, to assess whether the applications meet the required criteria and can be maintained.

The DIT call for evidence says: “If a measure does not receive an application to be maintained, or does not meet the required criteria, it will be terminated once the UK begins to operate its independent trade remedy framework.”

The EU currently has more than 100 measures in place on imported products originating from 25 different non-EU countries, about half of which which are relevant to UK industry.

Once the UK leaves the EU, all EU measures will no longer be applicable, leaving producers which rely on the measures vulnerable to the dumping of goods from overseas.

As part of the evidence gathering, the DIT is also asking chambers of commerce if any of their members are producers of electric bicycles, lever arch mechanisms,  open mesh glass fibre fabrics and reinforcing bars (Rebar). 

To read and see how to respond to the DIT call for evidence, click here 

Click here to read about the current EU measures. 


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