Descartes adds proscribed terrorist groups to denied party database

18 July 2017


Descartes Systems has announced that the database of denied and restricted parties for Descartes MK Denied Party Screening™ solutions has been extended to include terrorist groups and organisations banned under UK law, along with details of their proscription criteria.

Descartes adds proscribed terrorist groups to denied party database

Denied party screening is of critical importance in shipping and international trade; with many countries now on heightened alert against terrorist threats to security, it’s perhaps more important than ever. Should sensitive cargo or information fall into the wrong hands, it has the potential to result in a serious breach of national security.

Using Descartes MK Denied Party Screening solutions, companies can automatically screen customers, prospects, suppliers, employees and partners against a comprehensive international database of denied and restricted parties, based on lists maintained by government agencies and international organisations.

The Descartes solution now includes: United Kingdom Proscribed Terrorist Groups, Europe’s Most Wanted Fugitives, and Turkey’s Wanted Terrorist List.

“Solutions such as Descartes MK Denied Party Screening are crucial to helping organisations involved in shipment logistics ensure global trade compliance,” said Pól Sweeney, Vice President of UK Sales and Business Management at Descartes.

“In a time of heightened domestic and international security, the ability to quickly expand our screening solution to include new lists of denied or sanctioned parties, and to update existing lists, helps ensure all businesses, whether exporting or providing domestic services, minimise risk. Security is an increasingly important driver for adoption of Descartes’ solutions, as companies need to understand who they are conducting business with, as well as what or who is entering their facilities.”


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