Creating a single shade of green

“Going Green” may have become something of a cliché but it’s no less important, especially in ensuring that the world of international trade remains sustainable.

Whether you’re a shipper, road freight haulier or logistics provider, here’s the chance to get in on the ground floor of a major new European initiative to dramatically reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and create a harmonised monitoring system.

Green Freight Europe (GFE), launched earlier this year by a group of high profile businesses across the continent, has more than 70 members including such household names as Heineken, Dow, IKEA, TNT, DHL, Fed Ex, Geodis and Schneider Electric. The European Commission has given its backing to the scheme.

Working in partnership with the UK's Energy Saving Trust, the organisation aims to simplify and improve the monitoring of CO2 emissions in road freight operations by creating a new standard scale.

It has  created a new 'platform', standardising the input of data and the individualised environmental performance reports that are produced for each participating company. At the moment there are so many different schemes and companies doing their own thing there’s no comparability.

“The programme is applicable to both national and international freight movements,” says Dr Andrew Traill, who is co-ordinating GFE activities in the UK. “But because this programme stretches right across Europe, so the benchmarking possibilities are on a truly European scale.

“We’re also looking at developing and sharing best practice and authenticating the various technologies on the market. And we are planning partnerships with the banking and insurance sectors, and equipment manufacturers to provide a raft of schemes that will help keep a lid on the costs of emission-reducing investments for member companies.

“Joining the programme sends a strong message that you as a business take emissions seriously. If you don’t have visibility you can’t improve.”

Subscription to the organisation is free for businesses with a turnover of less than €2.5 million. For businesses with a turnover of up to €7.5 million it is €1,500 a year, up to €15 million €3,000 and over €15 million €6,000.

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