Clear manufacturing strategy needed for export growth

The government needs to urgently create a clear and coherent plan in order to herald in a new, better-balanced economic model based on trade and investment rather than on borrowing and consumption, according to a leading organisation representing the UK’s manufacturers.

The EEF is calling on the government to act quickly to provide a route-map for economic transformation.

“Generating growth is the role of business, but government sets the climate and conditions which allow this to happen,” said as EEF spokesman. “So we will only get back on track to a better-balanced economy if the government demonstrates the same clarity and single-mindedness on growth that it has done on reducing the deficit.

“To do this, we are urging the government to adopt a new approach. We need a clearer plan for the future of the economy and a long-term industrial strategy to deliver it.
“This must become the definitive statement of the government's economic intentions and the guiding principle for every policy and spending decision from now to the election and preferably beyond.”

The EEF stresses that this is not just about supporting manufacturers but producing policies to help all businesses grow through exports and investment. It adds that the government also needs proper accountability to measure progress and take corrective action when things aren't working.