Chamber International Reaction to EU Proposals on the Northern Ireland Protocol

19 October 2021


On 13th October 2021, the EU released its plan for a reduction of post-Brexit checks on goods and medicines arriving into Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK.

Northern Ireland has a special Brexit deal which keeps it in the EU's single market for goods and allows free-flowing trade with the EU. But it means goods arriving from Britain face checks and controls.

The new plan would remove about 80% of spot checks moving from Great Britain to be consumed in Northern Ireland; reduce 50% of paperwork; and enable the free flow of medicines between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the EU said.

William Bain, Head of Trade Policy at the BCC, said: “Business voices need to be heard loud and clear in the dialogue between the UK Government and the European Commission over the next few weeks. 

“The best outcome would be to secure stable and sustainable trading arrangements between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Only a negotiated outcome between the UK and EU will maximize long-term foreign direct investment into Northern Ireland”.

Peter Bainbridge, Export Advisor for Chamber International, said: “We need to see the real detail of the Commission’s proposals, but the EU’s announcement is a positive step. Sustainable and stable trading arrangements between Great Britain and Northern Ireland are crucial for business and market certainty.”

“Chamber International has a strong track record of providing customised support for exporters seeking to trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I am also delighted that Chamber International is offering the Moving Goods Under the Northern Ireland Protocol” online workshop on 14 December 2021, which will be available for exporters from across the UK.”


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