Chamber International and BPCC Trade can help you export to Poland, EU’s fastest-growing market

3 September 2015

Poland is the now the fastest growing market in the EU and, to capitalise on this, is to receive €106 billion of EU investment between 2014 and 2020.

The 16-strong team at British Polish Chamber of Commerce Trade (BPCC) has helped more than a thousand British exporters and delivered 150 market entry consultancy projects in the last two years.

BPCC Trade says that, as a result, some of its clients are now winning millions of Euros in contracts.

The success follows more than 20 years’ continuous economic growth, at an average annual rate of 3.6 per cent, in Poland since the demise of the Eastern Bloc which unleashed latent entrepreneurial expertise, particularly in areas including IT design and programming.

Average salaries in Poland have almost doubled in the last decade and the development of a more cosmopolitan culture through travel has seen Polish people develop an interest in overseas goods including from the UK which is trusted for innovation and quality. As part of this, BPCC Trade has helped introduce more than 250 food products to Polish supermarkets.

Poland is also one of the most well-educated countries in the EU and many export opportunities also exist for UK companies supplying the country’s education sector.

BPCC Trade director, Patrick Ney, says: “As part of the UK Government Overseas Business Network to boost exports, we’ve cracked sectors the UK had previously failed to penetrate in depth and we’ve done it whilst delivering great value for money for UK taxpayers.

“We’ve crafted this high-performing export business in less than two years through measures including working with good quality people who can open doors through tenacity and passion. 

“We’ve also set ourselves hard goals including voluntarily increasing our service delivery targets from 1000 last year to 1500 this year. We set our first year revenue target high and are now well on the way to achieve strong 25 per cent year-on-year revenue growth.”

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