British Centres for Business Launches Services in Abu Dhabi

4 May 2017


A professional services company that helps UK companies to break into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market has achieved its ambition to launch in the capital city of Abu Dhabi.

British Centres for Business (BCB), an accredited member of the Overseas Business Network initiative (OBNi), which opened in Dubai in 2014, is now offering the same ‘incubation’ and trade support services to UK companies in Abu Dhabi.

UK businesses, especially SMEs, wishing to break into the UAE from Abu Dhabi can now access the BCB’s cost-efficient incubation service, which enables them to operate, fully licensed, under the BCB’s aegis for up to two years.

The service allows them to pursue business development opportunities and better understand their company’s long-term corporate positioning and potential in the UAE while saving time and minimising the financial risk.

For UK businesses across all sectors, the BCB also has a trade services arm which helps UK companies by arranging introductions and meetings, identifying business opportunities and providing local insight, introductions, data and market intelligence. 


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