Avoid the nightmare of Saudi seizures

Get it wrong with the Saudi Arabian customs authorities and not only do you face having your goods seized, but your very business could be put in jeopardy. It could also have huge financial implications with lost orders and a big dent in your cash flow.

This is not just a minor bureaucratic hassle but a genuine threat to all businesses exporting to Saudi Arabia which don’t have the correct Certificates of Conformity to accompany their shipments.

In one recent case a company which didn’t have the correct paperwork had their goods impounded at Riyadh Airport. Not only that, the customs then demanded a grovelling letter of apology before agreeing to release the shipment. Imagine the fallout from that.

Understandably the exporter involved wasn’t anxious to discuss the matter or reveal the huge additional costs involved as well as damage to the company’s reputation.

And yet all this is totally avoidable. You can manage the risk simply by calling a member of the Chamber International team. Not only do we know all about Certificates of Conformity, we’re the northern access point for Intertek, the industry leader in product testing.

We can quickly arrange for Certificates to be issued. Typically the cost is around £300 – a small price to pay to ensure you avoid any unnecessary nightmares with both Saudi customs and your customers in the kingdom.